America needs God’s hand of intervention against evil!

This nation needs God’s hand of intervention in revealing all the corruption that is happening in the government. The lies, evil, and deceitfulness are outrageous.
I heard an interview this morning on AFR of a couple who lived in Russia for an extended period of time. They shared about the solemnness of society. No smiles – no casual greetings – no joy – no sharing – everyone living in fear, etc.
This is starting to happen in America. The wearing of masks has changed how people interact with one another. I try to make eye contact with people, but they look straight ahead.
I do not hear much verbal interchange among people.
I cannot believe all the negative mandates that some governors are making about family Thanksgiving gatherings! The encouragement of these negative leaders for people to spy on each other and report!
America needs God’s intervention!
Our freedoms are being eroded right before our eyes! The closing of churches, but opening massage parlors????? How evil is this????
Believers of the living God – our weapon against all this evil is PRAYER, PRAYER, and more continual PRAYER!
Do not forget that Jesus said, “I have ALL power in heaven and on earth!”
I know we are in the end of ‘end times’ – but we do not have to roll over and be silent!
As long as the church of the living God is still in the earth, we must stand/voice God’s truth and speak out for our freedoms!
We must have law and order! God instituted government, not man!
When leaders devise evil, they are creating the path to their own demise – ALL will be judged by God.
God came to earth in the flesh as Jesus Christ to pay the price for our sins on the cross. HE is a God of love, mercy, and compassion. HE is also a God of judgment.
When people choose evil paths, they are headed to eternal judgment.
God gives us all choice!
God created every human!
God is love! Choose God or evil!!
My heart is thankful for the joy of Jesus Christ’s return to earth for His Bride. It could happen at any moment.
To be in the Bride, it takes more than just believing! Obey Acts 2:38 – then live godly!

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