Free give-away 30 min. counseling/coaching session weekly in January 2017


(This is a ‘give-away’ offer of one free 30-minute counseling/coaching session to one new person weekly through January 2017 – read below).

Are you a believer in God with emotional issues that you are battling alone because you do not know who you can trust?

Are you a believer in God that needs encouragement with new ideas how to challenge your future?

Go to: – read ‘about ministry’ page – I provide nationwide God-based counseling by phone/Skype as a Certified Pastoral Counselor and Certified Christian Life Coach.

COUNSELING deals with past and present issues of life. Processing your life through God’s truth spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

LIFE COACHING deals with your dreams and goals for today and your future spiritually, relationally, educationally, and vocationally.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Next week I will give away one 30 minute session without charge that I will choose from emails submitted to me:

Include your name, your phone number and a short description as to the need for a free counseling or coaching 30-minute session. Please affirm that you have read my bio on the ‘about ministry page of – important!

I will choose one name weekly through January 2017. I will call you to set up the appointment. This will be in strict confidentiality. This is for people within the borders of the USA. I may continue into February if I receive multiple responses. God bless you!

NOTE: Reminder – this must be a submission by email with all the above requirements. Do not call me for this free offer.

Carol Clemans
Life Enrichment Ministries, Inc. (501c3)
(636) 448-0121

NOTE: If you desire to schedule a full one-hour session as described on the ‘about ministry’ page, then call me and leave a message. You may review short teaching videos on Carol Clemans YouTube channel.

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About Me

Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor (27 years), Bible conference speaker, Christian Life Coach and author. She provides counseling nationwide by phone/web cam. The mission for Carol’s teaching, counseling and writing is to help others grow and heal spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

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