Heaven or Hell is our choice!

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God’s desire is that all would come to repentance! Some people ask, “Why would a loving God put anyone in hell?” The answer, “Every person chooses whether they live eternally in heaven or hell!”
God gave Adam and Eve a choice to obey him or follow the lust of their flesh. They both chose the lust of their flesh and the lust of their eyes. Their choice brought a curse on the human race.
God planned from the foundation of the world that He would come to earth in the flesh (Emmanuel – God with us) to become the supreme Lamb sacrifice for our sins. For God so loved the world that He gave!!!
Our life is like a breath – here only for a moment. What we choose to do on a daily basis is choosing our eternity either in Heaven or Hell!
All of the evil and rebellion that is happening around the world is because people are choosing to serve the devil instead of serving the loving God who gave His life in the flesh to provide a way of escape from sin and the promise of an exciting Heaven!
Are we talking about our choices with those we love? Are we sharing God’s truth about the wonderful promise for the believer who accepts the gift of salvation (Acts 2)?
God has promised the born again believer to rule and reign with Him over the New Heaven and New Earth forever that He will re-create! We will be actively ruling with God!
Heaven and Hell are real! God does not put us in Heaven or Hell! We choose by our actions whether we will go to Heaven or Hell!
We must choose to put God first in all areas of our lives.
Yes, there is pleasure in sin for a season. But seasons always come to an end. The devil was kicked out of heaven because of his selfishness wanting to take the glory of God away from God and putting it on himself.
Our selfishness is what will send us to Hell. We can choose to be selfish or we can choose to surrender our heart, soul, mind, and strength to God.
Our ‘heart, soul, and mind’ is the inner self that processes every thought, feeling that creates our words/actions. When we are God-centered, we filter all that we do through God’s truth! Our ‘strength’ is our body – we are to glorify God in our body and spirit which belongs to God – 1 Cor. 6:20.
I choose to serve the Lord! I choose to love God more than my selfish desires. It is a delight to serve and love God because He gives us the strength to get through every situation in life. I know my eternal destination is being with God ruling with Him in the New Earth that he will create at the end of time.
The choice of our eternity is in our own hands! We have the freedom to love and serve God or allow the devil (who is the god of this world) to be our god. Choose this day whom you will serve!
Oh! How I love Jesus because He first loved me!
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