Husbands/Fathers: Can you say, “Follow me as I follow Christ?”



I must share the heart of this counselor! We need husbands/fathers to be God-followers in the home saying by their actions, “Follow me as I follow Christ!”

Go to my website: and read ‘about ministry’ bio of life, salvation, ministry, education: as a Bible teacher (50 yrs) and Certified Pastoral Counselor (24 yrs) Holy Ghost (61 yrs), 70 years young – in the ministry of teaching, counseling and writing to help others grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

I provide nationwide counseling by phone and Skype. From my counseling experience, the greatest need a family has is the leadership of a husband/father who is following in the footsteps of God on a daily basis!

When a husband does not take his rightful leadership under Christ as a servant leader, it creates major disabilities in family relationships. A godly wife’s desire is for her husband to be the spiritual leader in the home and love as Christ loves with gentleness, meekness, longsuffering, patience, goodness, kindness and self-control that produces love, joy, and peace for the family.

If the husband provides but does not guide with godly wisdom, this creates chaos for the wife and frustration for the children. A husband needs to be spiritually, emotionally and relationally involved with his wife and children.

Many husbands today in the church do not have healthy spiritual fathers to follow in their footsteps. If not, it is still God’s design for the husband to search the scriptures on how he can become a true God-follower. Studying the character of God teaches all of us how to be God-followers – to be holy as He is holy on an hour-by-hour basis in attitude and spirit for both husband and wife.

I’ve written GOD’S DESIGN FOR MARRIAGE from teaching on marriage and family for many years. I watched my godly parents’ marriage of almost 62 years with God residing in the middle of their lives. I’ve been married 46 years with God residing in the middle of our marriage. No, we are not perfect, BUT we do, by choice, put God in the center of our personal lives and in our marriage and family.

Submitting to God and then to each other (Ephes. 5:21) works!! Marriage is total surrender to God and is work, work, work! This ‘work’ produces love, joy, and peace as we choose to be Holy Ghost controlled.

We all will stand before God and answer to Him as to how we lived our lives in every detail as a husband, wife, parent, etc. If all husbands would be willing to totally surrender to God, it would heal broken marriages and give children a ‘god with skin on to follow.’

I counsel by phone/Skype nationwide Mondays – Thursdays 2 pm – 10 pm CST. Read about it on the ‘about ministry’ page. The counseling is in confidentiality. I’m always asking the question, “What is God’s truth about (whatever the situation)?”

When husbands take spiritual servant leadership of their families, it will be a blessing to every pastor across the nation and churches will be transformed!

GOD’S DESIGN FOR MARRIAGE can be purchased through as softcover or as eBook:

Love teaching marriage seminars – have 8 + hours of teaching material!!! Call (636) 448-0121 to schedule speaking or counseling.

Go to Carol Clemans – Youtube channel – posted several recent brief teachings!

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Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor (27 years), Bible conference speaker, Christian Life Coach and author. She provides counseling nationwide by phone/web cam. The mission for Carol’s teaching, counseling and writing is to help others grow and heal spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

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