Men, are you excited about God & being Holy Ghost filled?

Do you know anyone in your life that is excited about their relationship with God? Man or woman? Do you have a friend who is a husband/father who is the pastor/priest of his home?

Are you as husband/father the pastor/priest of your home? Saying to your family, “Follow me as I follow Christ!” Does your family see God in you? Single men, I ask you the same question. Do your friends know you are a God-follower?

In my 27 years as a pastoral counselor (nationwide counseling for the last 15 years), the loudest cry I hear from wives is their desire for the husband to be the strong and loving leader of their home. LOVING AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH – Ephes. 5.

The disappointment I hear from young people is that their father was either absent or was a church attender, but not a godly man in the home. Single young men would love to be mentored by older men who have an intimate relationship with God.

I will be posting a video soon to Carol Clemans YouTube channel sharing my heart about this subject. We need men of all ages in the church who believe in One God, who have repented of their sins and been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and have been filled with the Holy Ghost to get excited and serious about their relationship with God! 

Men who choose daily to Walk in the Spirit (single or married) could have a major impact on the lives that they touch daily.

It may sound crazy to some that a woman who is 73 years young wants to start a “Holy Ghost Mens Movement for Jesus.” I’ve been in ministry all of my life having the Holy Ghost for 64 years and teaching God’s Word for over 50 years. 

If all men who claim to know God would become true God-followers in every area of their lives, our churches would grow stronger and impact our communities!

I find an attitude of complacency among us. We do the ‘church thing’ but live our daily lives without God being in the center of all that we do.
God said to the lukewarm church of Laodicea, “You are neither cold or hot – you are lukewarm – I will spew you out of my mouth!” This is what I am talking about! Men, stir up the gift that lieth within you! Get on fire for God! If you do, the women and children will follow you!

JESUS IS COMING!!!!! Nothing on this earth is more important than our personal intimate relationship with God and the influence we have on others through our walk with God!

What is the hidden sin of men attending church? Porn addiction – 50 – 78% of all males including ministry leaders who attend church regularly. This sin has infected our young people who are having outer sex and pretending it is not sinning because they do not ‘go all the way!’ We need single young men to have integrity in heart through submission to God in their dating life. They need to respect the young women in the church with Holy Ghost restraint. (No touch from the neck to the knees!)

Do I have godly men (pastors/ministry leaders) willing to stand with me who are not ashamed to declare God’s truth? Please send me an email:
I will be posting my video soon – look for it!

Women must be on fire for God also! But I’m focusing on the men, young and older. God intended for Holy Ghost men to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Ephes. 5:1 tells us all to be imitators of God – we are to take on His character through the Fruit of the Spirit – Gals. 5. – read ‘about ministry’ page for complete bio.

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