Solomon was Wise in the Beginning, but Extremely Unwise in the End

Solomon was Wise in the Beginning, but Extremely Unwise in the End

(What will the end of your story be? Will sexual sins/addictions destroy you?)

1 Kings 11:9 AMP – “So the Lord became angry with Solomon because his heart was turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice, 10 and had commanded him concerning this thing, that he should not follow other gods; but he did not observe (remember, obey) what the Lord had commanded.”

One morning this week I woke with the thought of Solomon. I pray daily to God for His wisdom in my ministry of teaching His Word, counseling nationwide and writing. I promise God I will not be as foolish as Solomon at the end of his life. God gave Solomon the greatest wisdom of His day and, yet, what was the end of his story?

I decided to look up Solomon’s history in 1 Kings. It says that the Lord, who is the God of Israel, appeared to him twice and commanded him that he should not follow other gods! God appeared twice to Solomon to warn him and he still did not heed God’s command! That’s hard for me to believe! But it is true! It was Solomon’s deadly choice.

Many times when I’m praying, I ask God to come and sit in the chair across from me. I’m not fearful of God. I love God and I long to see Him face to face. I cannot imagine a wise man having two visits from God giving him a command and the wise man ignores it! Why?

Since I’ve been counseling 24 years, including nationwide by phone/Skype, I counsel many people both male and female who have a porn addiction. They have a new birth experience with God but still allow the lust of the flesh to become their god. (Many were sexual abuse victims before the porn). As I was pondering on Solomon’s life with his 300 wives and 700 concubines, it hit me – Solomon had a major sexual addiction! He satiated his flesh with all of his women – another version of porn addiction! In the desire to satisfy his flesh and make the women in his life happy, he allowed them to build temples for their false gods and completely turned his back on God!

How could this happen? He was the wisest man of his day! What propels our godless society? It is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Yes, Solomon was living in the same godless society that we live in. Even having God’s gift of wisdom, Solomon allowed the lust of his flesh to bring ruin and destruction at the end of his life!

What will the end of your story be? It breaks my heart to see people with such great potential for God allowing a sexual addiction to destroy everything. Any sexual sin has the power to destroy a life. Sexual sins are becoming more invasive in the church every day. Because of pornography addictions, some of our church young people are worshipping at church and after church they are using porn and having oral sex. They are trying to convince each other it’s OK because there is no intercourse. Don’t you understand that doing anything with your sexual parts is having sex in God’s sight? Solomon’s obsession with all his women took him on the road to death without God. Husbands, pastors and youth leaders – the statistics run high for the use of porn. Porn addiction destroys the body, soul and mind. It leads to adultery, sexual abuse, voyeurism, homosexuality, etc.

It’s sickening to the heart of God to see how the devil has taken the gift of sex intended for good given by God and is destroying the morals of mankind. It objectifies all females. (Refer to my recent guest article posted on my website – Sex Before Kissing – Australian government concerns regarding their youth and porn).

Will the church wake up to the need of sexual purity revival for all ages in our churches today? Our leaders, parents, youth, young adults, singles of all ages, need to be taught about God’s healthy holy gift of sex and, also, be taught the ramifications of all the other sexual sins. This needs to be an ongoing pursuit to holiness of the heart! Everyone knows any sexual activity outside of the safe boundaries of marriage God gave us for our provision and protection is sin, but many choose to participate in the sin!

I’m 70 years young and Holy Ghost filled for 61 years. I’ve been teaching the Word of God for over 50 years. Now that I have been in the trenches with the hurting people addicted for the past 24 years bringing hope and healing through God’s Word in counseling, I’m not about to shut my mouth to the destruction of these secret sins. They are not secrets to God! God knows every secret sin and will expose in His time.

I teach Sexual Purity for All Ages seminars for churches. We need this teaching at youth conferences. We want to believe our youth are innocent because they go to church and some attend Christian schools, but this is beyond belief. Some young kids know more about sexual sins than their parents. ‘Sexting’ has been happening for years. I counsel teens whose peers are having sex all around them and, yet, we are embarrassed to bring up the subject in the church environment. ‘Hooking up’ = having sex with no strings attached called ‘friend’s benefits.’ We ignore that it is happening!

Apostle Paul wrote directly about the sins in the church and what to do about them, but today’s church is mainly silent. Our children and youth have the right to be informed and educated from God’s truth. They have the right to understand the deadly ramifications of all types of sex outside of God’s design for marriage. Who will join me in this crusade for sexual purity?

© Carol Clemans – April 2016

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