Suicide! Why are we not concerned about suicide in America?

Our liberal government leaders are consumed with new restroom mandates allowing men in women’s facilities. This is one of the most debased arguments we could be having. Separate restrooms for men and women are standard worldwide. Yet, about 1% of the population of America is pushing its agenda to debase everyone!

It was in the news this week that a mother and young daughter were in a restaurant. The young daughter went to the restroom. The mother heard a scream. As she entered the restroom a man was putting her unconscious daughter into a stall. He had choked the girl and was ready to do his evil to her. He was arrested!

No male – no matter how he feels – should be allowed in a female restroom or locker room. Sexual predators are among us. Without moral laws and values, this nation will be destroyed! Why are we not concerned about people who are hurting emotionally and committing suicide one in every 13 minutes in America? Read the statistics below:

“Suicide was the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in 2013.1 • There were 41,149 suicides in 2013 in the United States—a rate of 12.6 per 100,000 is equal to 113 suicides each day or one every 13 minutes.1 • Based on data about suicides in 16 National Violent Death Reporting System states in 2010, 33.4% of suicide decedents tested positive for alcohol, 23.8% for antidepressants, and 20.0% for opiates, including heroin and prescription pain killers.” This data came from Check out the suicide rate for transgender people!

When I asked Google, “What is the suicide rate for transgender people?” this was the answer: “One of the biggest studies on the experiences of transgender people was the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS). It found that in the U.S., 41 percent of transgender and gender non-conforming people had attempted suicide, compared to a national average of just 4.6 percent.” If confusion regarding gender were a normal process of thinking, the attempted suicide rate would not be at 41%.

As a Certified Pastoral Counselor for 24 years, I have counseled many people who were threatening suicide or had attempted suicide. People in this state of mind are feeling totally helpless and hopeless. When they choose to seek God-centered counseling, I have witnessed a total transformation in their emotional state of thinking all based on godly wisdom. They have been able to get off of medication and function with a peaceful heart/mind. Yes, it is a process. But when someone starts changing negatives thoughts and feelings through God’s truth from His Word, healthy transformation takes place (Romans 12: 1 & 2).

God’s truth is the basis for all moral law and emotional healing. Our thoughts control our feelings and we act out on how we feel. When our thoughts are based in God’s truth, our feelings and actions will be godly. When people take God out of their thinking, evil will prevail in all areas of life.

The Bible tells us that Satan is the god of this world. Either people are God-followers or Satan-followers. There is no in between! Instead of mandating the freedom for males to use female restrooms, the President should be funding Suicide Prevention Clinics across the nation staffed with people who have knowledge of how the brain functions and bring hope and healing to hurting confused people with God’s truth!

I will use my ‘voice’ through speaking, counseling and writing to stand for God’s truth! I pray every believer in God in America will wake up and start using their ‘voice’ in whatever format to speak God’s truth. If we do not stand for God’s truth and righteousness, we will be in judgment from God. I pray that God has mercy on believers in America.

When the godly remain silent, the ungodly will rule. Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy. The liberal government leaders are tools in Satan’s hands for destruction of this country. Public schools are the target of the liberals. If they can control the education and minds of the young with ungodly morals, values, changing and undermining truth, they will eventually control the nation and the suicide rate will increase every year.

The only hope this nation has is God. I do not live in fear. I know God wins! Throughout the ages, God always encouraged His people to stand for truth. If they did nothing, they suffered with the heathen.

What will you do to stand for God’s truth? Are you willing to use your ‘voice’ in proclaiming God’s truth where you live? God has the answers to all of this confusion. If we do not speak God’s truth to the world around us, who will?

At the age of 70, I’m seeing end time evil increase just as the Bible says. Jesus Christ could return in the heavens to call His Bride out at any moment. I’m determined to use any resource of communication that I have to speak His truth. When Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2), his words stirred the hearts of the hearers and they said, “What must we do?”

God provides salvation, hope and healing to hurting hearts. The church must equip itself as a spiritual, emotional, and relational healing ‘hospital’ reaching outside the walls to the hurting masses. We all influence others in some capacity. How are you using your influence to change your world giving others hope for change through God?

© Carol Clemans – May 2016 –

(I teach God’s anointed Word for churches, retreats & conferences. I provide confidential nationwide counseling by phone/Skype (636) 448-0121. Read ‘about ministry’ page on site for details – 300+ articles, teaching CD’s & DVD’s, book: God’s Design for Marriage soft cover or eBook: This book came from the marriage seminars I teach. Refs: Pastor Daniel Batchelor, Dupo, IL. & UPCI MS Supt. David Tipton, Jr., Raymond, MS).




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