Youth Media Addiction



Just listening to a radio program (AFR) regarding youth being addicted to social media.

Some youth text 3,000 times per month! They are glued to their phones/ipads, etc., all waking hours.

The media becomes their life. It destroys their God-worth because their life depends on the opinion of their peers. God is definitely NOT the center of their life.

Parents need to wake up to the strong hold of this addiction!!

One parent took the cell phone away for one month and began a prayer and Bible reading with her teen daughter that made a 100% change in her daughter’s spirit – especially toward God. There was rebellion at first, but God intervened!! Now the teen is willing to have a phone just for conversation – nothing else.

Parents – please be involved in your children’s lives. Live by example that God must be first in our life over everything else!


Even though I use my iPhone daily for counseling nationwide, I’m not a slave to it. Anyone who calls without name identity – must go to voicemail. I take my phone in the car for safety purposes, if I need to call for an emergency. I refuse to walk around the store with cell phone in hand as I see many adults do.

I only text short notes if necessary to family or about a change in a counseling appointment, not long notes.

I use FB for ministry (Life Enrichment Ministries, Inc 501c3) and (Carol Theobald Clemans) – I repost all my articles from my website: to FB. Most of my FB postings are about God’s truth, a few of my grands, few of God’s creation/scriptures,etc.

I repost my website articles on FB, LinkedIn, Google + & Twitter for God’s glory! I have a you tube acct. – Carol Clemans – posting videos about Godly thoughts and songs.

All of our media interaction should center around the thought, “Would God be pleased with this?”

Satan is using media technology to destroy people from inside out!

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