All Women have the Power of Influence

As Mother’s Day approaches, I give honor to all mothers who are God-loving, caring, kind and doing all within their power to be a positive influence in the lives of their children and grandchildren. That being said, and it is important, I know that Mother’s Day can be a sorrowful time for many.

Some feel a flood of grief on Mother’s Day because their mother is not in the land of the living. My mother went to the Lord in 2007 in her 93rd year of life. She was a God-loving mother and a prayer warrior. I have memories of coming home from school as a child and hearing mother praying at the altar in the church where my father was pastor and we lived adjacent to the church. God heard her prayers. She sacrificed to make us a loving, cheerful home Mother was an accomplished seamstress and made us beautiful clothes. We enjoyed a home filled with love, joy and peace.

As a counselor for 24 years (the last 12 years by phone/Skype – 636 448-0121), people have shared their painful stories of a mother who was abusive, unloving, emotionally wounded, abandoned them, ignored, allowed sexual abuse, etc. For these people, Mother’s Day is a painful experience as they look around and see others so thankful for their loving mothers.

I feel we need to honor all godly women on Mother’s Day whether married or single because God gave women the power of influence. We see that in the life of Adam and Eve. Adam had authority and Eve had influence. Which one had the most power? Yes, the answer is Eve! Adam abdicated his authority. Eve used her God-given power of influence for evil instead of good. My challenge to all women is this: “How will you use your power of influence on those around you?”

Many single women have raised children that were not their own. All women with God’s help are given the gift of nurturing. A godly woman can be fulfilled in using her influence to encourage and help others. Some married women are extremely sad on Mother’s Day because they have miscarried a baby or have not been able to conceive.

All of us need to look around for someone to love and show appreciation on Mother’s Day. Give a card of love to a grieving mother who has lost a child by miscarriage or death. Show love by card or flowers to a single mom who is struggling to be a godly mother. What about the older mother whose children live far away? Invite her to dinner.

God said that the world would know us by our love one for another. Love is action, not just words! Look beyond your own circumstance and bless another mother if you do not have good memories of your own mother or are missing a loving mother who is with the Lord. We can choose to make Mother’s Day a blessing to self by blessing someone else!


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