Are you hustling to be ready for Christmas?


Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

The hustle and bustle of the holidays put many people in stress and anxiety. Families can have high expectations for others.

It is extremely sad that Christmas has been so commercialized. The true reason for this celebration is lost in all the pressure of activity.

I refuse to join in the chaos. I focus on the wonder of the birth of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ – His gift to us was His death on the cross to cover all of our sins! Our hope is in the power of His resurrection!

Daily I’m looking for the return of our Savior to appear in the heavens to take His Bride out of this evil world!

Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! Are you ready?

Jesus pointed to the Day of Pentecost. Jesus said we must be born again of water and of spirit to see and enter the Kingdom of God (John 3).

Jesus said go to Jerusalem and wait until you receive my Spirit (Acts 1 & 2). We are to be holy as He is holy!

This could be the day Jesus returns for His Bride. Again, are you ready? Nothing is more important in life than our obedience to the Word of God and receiving our gift of salvation!

We must be looking for that blessed hope and appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ our Lord!

We must give God the present of our bodies as a living sacrifice to Him which is our worship and be not conformed to this word, but be transformed by renewing our minds with His Word (Hebrews 12: 1 & 2).

God so loved the world that He gave!!! He gave His life so I could live eternally with Him!! No greater gift!

Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! Are you ready?  Nationwide counseling & teaching – read ‘about ministry’ page for details. Join Bible teaching site: – call (636) 448-0121. Mins. ref: Pastor Daniel Batchelor, Dupo, IL

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