Are you ready for the catching away of His Bride?

Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! Our Bridegroom is coming to take His Bride into the heavens! I’m sounding the clarion call! Are you ready? Are you ready?

My heart is stirred about the complacency that is in the church today. We can be in the routine that we have lived for years. After salvation (Acts 2:38), we go to church, we praise, we listen to the Word and yet we are not living holy as He is holy!

I just typed the above, as I began to listen to Pastor James Larson from The Anchor San Diego, CA. He announced he was going to speak on “The Two Masters.” I’m determined today, as I have for 63 years in the Holy Ghost, to follow God! It is a daily choice!

In my nationwide counseling, I’m helping hurting people with all types of painful issues in their lives because of what others have done to them. Some I counsel are asking for help to heal from their sinful choices. Satan is trying to destroy people by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride life.

God tells us no man/woman can serve two masters. Either we are fully submitted to God or we are in submission to the devil. We cannot be submissive to both. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions need to be under God’s control. How? We become Holy Ghost controlled by inviting God to set on the throne of our heart.

God tells us to love Him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength! Our heart, soul, and mind the invisible self – where we make our decisions – our volitional will – our decisions determine our destiny (the brain is the computer to process our decisions) must be totally submitted to God in ALL we do.

We must totally submit to God in ALL of our choices. We cannot choose to sin and be right with God. Some play games with God in sinning then running to the altar repenting and then getting up and repeating the pattern of sin. Even in fighting an addiction, it is one choice at a time. What trips you to sin is your master – it is all from the lust of the flesh.

How can we overcome? You overcome by crying out to God at the moment of temptation, at the point of feeling your uncontrollable anger, your selfish attitude, and your lust – cry out to God for help. When you cry out, God will meet you and give you strength to make the godly choice.

God fully loves, fully accepts and fully forgives! He proved His love to us by coming to earth in the flesh and dying a horrible suffering death on a cross! Are you willing to crucify your lustful flesh because you love God? Which master will you serve, the Creator, Savior, Almighty God or the devil?

Heaven and hell are real! Your choices/decisions today determine your eternal destiny! Heaven will be glorious forever as we rule and reign with Him on His new heaven and new earth. Hell will be eternal torture punishment with the devil. Our choices determine our eternity! What master will you choose?


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