Are you willing to be a ‘stand up’ man/woman of God?


Daniel of the Old Testament was a righteous ‘stand up’ man of God. He was hated and persecuted! This sounds like believers in God today who have values and morals. He lived in Babylon from 14 yrs. of age to his 90’s – always a ‘stand up’ man of God.

Are you willing to be a ‘stand up’ man/woman of God?

Are you grounded in God’s Word with power through the Holy Ghost? God magnifies His Word above His name!

The new birth salvation of Acts 2:38 is just the beginning of a relationship with God.

We must become feeders on God’s Word, especially the New Testament letters written to the born-again believer so we can learn how to be ‘stand up’ men and women of God!!

God promised He would never leave us or forsake us. We may experience persecution for our God – God will always be with us!

Through my counseling nationwide, I hear there is a dearth of the teaching of the Word of God. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

We can know what God has prepared for His people! 1 Cor. 2:10!!!! We can have the mind of Christ through His Spirit and His Word! Read the whole chapter of 1 Cor. 6!!!!

Jesus could come at any moment to catch His Bride away into heaven! After the Tribulation and after the 1,000 years of peace, God will renovate this earth with fire – He will create a New Heaven and New Earth and we – His Bride – will rule and reign with Him forever – eternity – time will be no more!!

Do you want to go to heaven? Become a ‘stand up’ man/woman of God and share this good news with everyone in your life!!

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