California Ministry Trip – Fall 2016

California Ministry Trip – Fall 2016

We are thoroughly enjoying our ministry trip to California. The first weekend we were in San Diego, California, with Pastor James Larson at The Anchor Church (

I taught four sessions. Pastor Larson challenged me to speak to the husbands only on the subject “What wives wished their husbands knew about women” for one session. I shared what they need to know and do to have their wives respond to their every desire. I loved it and the husbands were very receptive! Young and old came to me after the session and said they enjoyed what I shared.

I could teach 6-8 hours from my book: God’s Design for Marriage. The book (soft cover) can be purchased through and as an eBook. If we follow God’s design in Ephesians 5, Galatians 5, 1 Corinthians 13, and treat each other as we would treat God, every marriage would enjoy love, joy and peace. My book is thin, but packed full of God’s truth. The key is submitting one to another in the fear of the Lord – Ephesians 5:21.

Pastor James & First Lady Joni Larson treated us as royalty. The Anchor Church family welcomed us with open hearts. It was a joy to minister to their receptive spirits and attitudes.

I have other meetings scheduled at churches in central/northern California in coming weeks. Love sharing God’s Word – God has answers to all of life’s issues.

We drove to central California to spend time a few weeks with our son, daughter-in-love (who is begging us to stay longer) and our sweet 16 month old granddaughter, Amelia Grace Clemans.

Thankful to God for a safe 2,000 mile trip from MS to CA and the enjoyment of being with the other half of our family for a few weeks. Amelia warmed up to us in about one day. It is a joy to share in her life at this young age. Playing, acting silly and having a lot of laughter with this sweet gift from God.

I’m continuing my weekly ministry of nationwide confidential God-based counseling by phone/Skype (636) 448-0121 while in CA. I have scheduled appointments two-three weeks out on a continual basis. My counseling as a Certified Pastoral Counselor is based on the Word of God. The healing and change in life happens when we apply God’s truth to our circumstances in life. Romans 12: 2 – we are transformed by renewing our mind.

We must look at our life through the lens of God’s truth. We cannot allow the pain of the past to define who we are today in God. The devil delights in destroying people with his lies. We replace his lies with God’s truth. It is transforming our thinking with God’s truth. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

If you are a pastor in central or northern California who would like to have a marriage and family seminar, teaching on healing for damaged emotions or teaching on spiritual, emotional and relational growth in God, contact me (636) 448-0121. 

Go to my website for 320+ articles, teaching CD’s, DVD’s and marriage book. Read my complete bio on ‘about ministry’ page. Acts salvation came to my family in 1925.

Youtube: Watch teaching videos on Carol Clemans youtube channel.

I love sharing God’s anointed Word. My father, Rev. Raymond G. Theobald, sat at the feet of Bishop GT Haywood as a teenager ingesting God’s Word in his heart. He became a great theologian and Eschatology teacher. He implanted a love for God’s Word in my heart. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Life Enrichment Ministries, Inc. (501c3)

(636) 448-0121

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