Evil hearts produce evil actions!

In 2014, people drove vehicles that are lethal weapons and caused accidents that resulted in the deaths of 32,675 people!!!! (nhtsa.gov). A vehicle that is not driven by a person cannot kill anyone. Why are we not troubled about the wasteful deaths of 32,675 people in vehicle accidents in one year???? Why are we not banning vehicles???? Some will respond that this idea is ridiculous, but is it? If we genuinely cared about people dying needlessly, our government would do much more in road safety campaigns, drunk driving prevention, tougher laws for the drunk driver and safety changes in manufacturing of vehicles.

Read these facts: Gun murders in 2014 were 8,124. Murders by unarmed persons were 660. Knives were used in 1,567 murders. Rifles of various types were used to kill 248 people.

If the solution to the above deaths were tighter gun/rifle controls, then what about vehicles, knives, and unarmed murderers? The truth is that people choose to murder even without weapons. Some people choose to drive drunk or on drugs. Some people choose to drive reckless. The results of people’s wrong or evil choices cause the deaths of others!!!! It’s the selfish evil choices of people!!!!

The government has allowed the Bible, prayer and God to be removed from the schools. When everything is removed from our society that represents godly morals, we are witnessing daily the demise of our country. There is an extreme blurring of right and wrong. The government is brainwashing our children starting in kindergarten schools in California teaching the acceptance of every deviant sexual activity. Parental authority is being eroded. The foundation is being laid that children do not belong to the parents, but to the government.

All of the above is because Satan is on the warpath to destroy the human race with his evil devices. Believers in God must wake out of their sleep of apathy. We must pray and do exploits for God. The world needs a Savior! We must not be afraid to promote godly morals and values. We must not be afraid to stand up for our rights. We must be speaking God’s truth!

As I counsel by phone/Skype nationwide, I see the sexual sins of the world invading the church. Porn addiction and its destructive fallout are destroying pastors’ families and lay people in the church. I’m counseling many who are the victims of porn addiction. It’s a subject no one wants to talk about or admit that it is among us. It creates anger and abuse toward family members. Porn addiction insights the user to blame others for his/her addiction. It leads to all types of deviant sexual sins. Yet, only 7% of churches across America are providing programs to assist those who are struggling with porn (from recent Covenanteyes.com report).

As for me, I will stand, teach, counsel and write about God’s truth. God proved is love for the whole world by coming to earth in a robe of flesh and dying a cruel death on the cross to pay for our sins. He is a God of love, mercy and compassion for all who will come to Him. God has also promised all of us a judgment day. For believers, it will be the Judgment Seat of Christ in heaven. For non-believers, it will be the Great White Throne judgment. God does have the final Word!

The world needs God’s love through salvation (Acts 2:38). They will be drawn to God by our love one for another. Let’s address the sin issues in the church so the world sees a difference between their actions and ours. We are to live to glorify God in our body and spirit that belong to God  (1 Cor. 6). God’s truth can change hearts from evil selfishness to righteousness in Him!

(Note: Carol Clemans – As a Bible teacher for 50 years and Certified Pastoral Counselor for 24 years, I am determined to speak God’s truth – teaching for churches/conferences, through nationwide Holy Ghost counseling by phone/Skype (636) 448-0121 and writing. Over 300 articles on www.carolclemans.org, ‘About Ministry’ bio, teaching CD’s & DVD’s, book: GOD’S DESIGN FOR MARRIAGE soft cover or eBook: amazon.com. Ministry Refs: Pastor Daniel Batchelor, Dupo, IL & UPCI Supt. David Tipton, Jr., Raymond, MS).



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Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor (27 years), Bible conference speaker, Christian Life Coach and author. She provides counseling nationwide by phone/web cam. The mission for Carol’s teaching, counseling and writing is to help others grow and heal spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

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