God plus marriage commitment equals joy!

“Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage!”  This is one phrase out of an old love song from years ago.  I must add God’s love is what makes a marriage complete.  Out of my teaching marriage seminars for many years plus the six years I taught Marriage & Family at Christian Life College in Stockton, CA., I wrote out the Marriage Commitment below. I explain the importance of these commitments in teaching marriage seminars.

Please share this with your spouse. Talk about these godly principles. When God is in the center of the marriage relationship, you will have love, joy and peace!  You can order my book: God’s Design for Marriage through my website, www.carolclemans.org, as a softcover or on amazon.com as an eBook. I thoroughly explain the marriage commitment issues in my book.


#1 – I will commit to abandon all others and cleave (be glued together spiritually, emotionally and physically) to my spouse. After my personal relationship with God, my spouse is the next most important person in my life.

#2 – I will commit to honor my spouse as the most valuable person in my life. I will speak with respect and act respectful at all times. My spouse is the temple of God (Holy Ghost filled). How I treat my spouse is how I treat God.

#3 – I will commit to be trustworthy. I will do nothing on purpose to cause harm to my spouse, spiritually, emotionally, relationally or financially.

#4 – I commit to choose to be patient and thoroughly listen to my spouse to help prevent a serious conflict. I will seriously take into consideration the feelings of my spouse before I act in any situation.

#5 – I will commit as a Godly husband to love my wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her. This will create a mutually submissive spirit in our marriage that will provide a safe environment for my wife to be in submission to me as I am in submission to God as a servant/leader.

#6 – I will commit as a Godly wife to follow my husband’s servant leadership as pastor and provider for me and our family as he follows Christ’s example. I will be trustworthy as I guide the household as unto the Lord.

#7 – We will commit to be mutually submitted to God and each other (Ephs. 5:21). We will be responsible to God for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. We will not blame the other for our personal choices. We will be pro-active in all situations asking God for His wisdom for our marriage through His Word and prayer.

(c) Carol Clemans – www.carolclemans.org

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