Godly Sexual Discipleship Must Begin in Home and Continue in Church

Sexual discipleship from a God-base must begin at home and be supported by the church. Teaching children about sexuality must not be a one-time talk! Godly sexual discipleship must begin in the home at an early age. Parents who are uncomfortable with the subject of sex must become educated to teach their children God’s truth. Yes, I am emphasizing the word must!

Our world is being bombarded with sexual issues that are affecting all ages. The current restroom/locker room mandate that was recently sent to all public schools is touching the heart of every child. It is creating gender confusion questions. Around the world, the gender sign of male and female adorn public restrooms. Now our government is saying we must not hurt the feelings of 1% of people who are transgender confused (???) by offering them open use of all restrooms according to how they feel at a certain moment. This is outrageous, preposterous, utterly absurd and ridiculous! Where did simple common sense go? Everyone knows that sexual predators will take advantage of this stupefying mandate! The next shock will be pedophiles pleading their cause and will try to say they have a right to have sex with children because they ‘feel’ that desire! For society to survive there has to be moral lines drawn that are unmovable. Our government is completely blurring the lines on morals and values.

My focus in this article is to stir up the hearts and minds of parents and church leaders. We live in a sexualized world. We need to wake out of sleep. We are ignoring one of the greatest dangers among us that will destroy our children. If we do not disciple them through God’s Word to purify their minds and hearts regarding God’s gift of sex, the world will teach them the devil’s sinful ways.

Because of the pervasive use of porn by church attendees of all ages, church youth are saturating their hearts and minds with lustful images that create brain damage. They have not been taught God’s view on sex and how to have self-control through the power of God’s Word and Spirit. As porn use increases, a region of the brain begins to shrink and the control area of brain becomes inactive. I have explained in previous articles that porn creates a self-induced chemical addiction in the brain more powerful than any drug or alcohol. Porn does not honor the body at any level. It objectifies women, dehumanizes, is dangerous and immature. Porn use destroys intimacy with God and with others.

In my nationwide counseling ministry by phone/Skype, I’ve encountered young teen girls who are sexting pictures of their private parts to boys. The experts call it ‘pornifying self.’ Society is teaching young girls to only see self as a sex object to bring pleasure to a guy and it is the girl’s way of getting attention. This is happening in the church.

Dr. Allan Meyers of Australia says, “When you do not disciple people, others will do it for you.” The world’s view of sex and the fallout of porn use is discipling our church youth because we are not. Godly Sexual Discipleship must be taught on a continual basis beginning in the home and continually in the church. We can preach against porn, fornication and adultery on a Sunday morning, but one message will not stop the sin. God’s truth must be shared in a way that brings life application to the temptations of the world and how God’s Word empowers people to make godly choices in all areas of life.

True worship is what we do with our heart, soul, mind and body daily. Romans 12:1-2 (AMP)12 “Therefore I urge you, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies [dedicating all of yourselves, set apart] as a living sacrifice, holy and well-pleasing to God, which is your rational (logical, intelligent) act of worship. And do not be conformed to this world [any longer with its superficial values and customs], but be transformed and progressively changed [as you mature spiritually] by the renewing of your mind [focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His plan and purpose for you].” When we emphasize physical worship as manifesting our spiritual temperature, we are in trouble. Anyone can shout, jump and run around the church, but that is not a sign of being spiritual. God looks on the heart, not the outward demonstration. Our hearts must be clean before God. We must have spiritual integrity in heart, soul, mind and body.

A major spiritual discipline that is the secret to sexual discipline, is teaching how to have an intimate relationship with God hour-by-hour. We must submit are thoughts, feelings and actions to God. When we understand that God desires to set on the throne of our hearts/minds, we will be empowered through His Spirit to submit our entire being into His control. It is possible to surrender all to God including our bodies to give Him glory in all we do. This is the foundation of sexual purity – it is submitting entire self unto Him. This is true spiritual worship on a daily basis. Don’t wait to worship God just on Sunday. True worship is total submission to Him every moment of life. This is what we must teach our children and youth!

On a current video (guiltypleasure.com), it was stated that 70% of children at age 11 are leaning about sex by watching porn. Porn sex is not what God intended for a marriage. Porn is ‘manufactured’ and has nothing to do with loving, caring, nurturing sex within the safe boundaries of God’s gift to marriage. Porn is a billion dollar business. Many of the females are prostitutes that are forced into porn production. It objectifies women. It’s all about the lust of the flesh! There is nothing in porn about a caring, loving relationship based on respect and life-long commitment with God in the center of the marriage. Same sex porn is also disturbing our children and youth. Watching the act of sex causes the mind and body to respond as if actually participating. It captivates the brain function for evil.

Because church youth already know much more about sex than parents or pastors can conceive, Godly Sexual Discipleship must start now. For young children the sexual purity discipleship can start with Dr. James Dobson’s book, Preparing for Adolescence. For youth, Joshua Harris’s book, sex is not the problem (lust is). Parents need to purchase these books. Read the books first, then share with the children for a tool to have God-based conversations regarding sexual issues. In the home, sexual purity must be an ongoing conversation. For porn addiction recovery there are two books I recommend for those I help through counseling, Breaking Free by Russell Willingham and Clean by Douglas Weiss, PhD.

The family and church family must become feeders on God’s Word. The Bible teaches on purity of heart, soul and mind. We are made in God’s image and after His likeness male and female. Our value and worth comes from God alone as our creator and our Savior. Our bodies belong to God, not for our lustful sexual desires. We are to glorify God in our body and spirit (1 Cor. 6: 18 – 20). Husbands and fathers must become the spiritual leaders in the home. When they become sexually disciplined through God’s Word, it will spiritually strengthen the women and children in their lives. Every church should have a Men’s Group that meets at least monthly to teach and train men to be sexually disciplined as fathers and husbands.

God’s truth never changes. It’s God’s Word in our hearts that helps us not to sin against the Lord (Psalm 119:11). Good theology makes good decisions. Psalm 119:8 NLT asks, “How can a young person stay pure? By obeying your Word.” This is God’s truth for thousands of years – God’s truth never changes!

Deuteronomy 6 instructs parents to teach God’s truth when we get up in the morning, when we sit down, when we walk along the way and when we go to bed at night. It is teaching Godly values through daily life experiences. The church in Acts taught in the streets to the unbelievers and taught in the homes. It was daily ministering to unbelievers and nurturing the body of Christ with God’s truth.

The devil is using sexual sins to creep in the church and destroy from the inside out. I keep writing articles on this subject because it is pervasive across the nation in churches who believe in one God, Jesus name water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. But for some reason, Godly Sexual Discipleship is ignored. To disciple defined: noun – a follower or student of a teacher, leader.

As parents, preachers, pastors, leaders, teachers, we will answer to God if we do not teach continually the Word of God regarding living holy as He is holy to our children, youth and the entire church. We are to do all we do heartily as unto the Lord! If a person continues in sin, 1 John 3 says this person does not know God and is of the devil. This is God’s truth! It takes more than learning a scripture. It’s teaching God’s morals and values in real life application.

Jesus is coming soon! He is returning for a church without sin. Through the God-given ministry of teaching, counseling and writing, I’m impelled to speak the truth in love. I counsel nationwide for pastors and lay people through phone/Skype. I’m dealing with the sexual sins in the church nationwide with all ages. This is why I continue to write regarding sexual purity. Sin will not enter into heaven.

God created male and female as sexual beings to come together under His blessing of marriage. He sets boundaries for our protection and provision. Sex outside of marriage (including outer sex) causes a broken relationship with God, numerous emotional issues, sexually transmitted diseases and possible pregnancy.

We need to be teaching that being a virgin is male and female – chaste woman or man. Paul taught strongly about fleeing all sexual temptation. Make no provision for the flesh when it comes to sin. To look and lust is committing adultery in the heart. To be an effective parent, leader or teacher we must be a reader. God’s Word is the main resource of principles for Godly Sexual Discipleship. I teach Sexual Purity Seminars for all Ages for churches. I can teach parents and church leaders how to disciple children and youth for holy living in every area of life.

This teaching can be done on campus of the church or through Skype.com. I’ve taught for churches in Canada, Sweden and USA through Skype. It is live teaching with Q & A interaction and Holy Ghost anointing.

I feel like a lone voice crying out in this wilderness of sexual sins in the body of Christ. Satan delights in ripping souls apart through sexual sins. It’s now penetrating the youngest among us and we must take action with Godly Sexual Discipleship!

Go to my website: www.carolclemans.org to read ‘about ministry’ in detail, 300+ articles, teaching CD’s & DVD’s, book: God’s Design for Marriage soft cover or eBook: amazon.com. I post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, FB: Life Enrichment Ministries, Inc. (501c3), Carol Theobald Clemans, Group: Growing in God Spiritually, Emotionally and Relationally. I teach God’s anointed Word for churches and conferences. I provide confidential nationwide counseling by phone/Skype for a minimal ministry offering (636) 448-0121. This ministry comes from a base of having the Holy Ghost for 61 years, the formal education and teaching the Word of God for over 50 years. In His service for His Glory!

© Carol Clemans – May 2016 – Refs: Pastor Daniel Batchelor, Dupo, IL & UPCI MS Supt. David Tipton, Jr., Raymond, MS.

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