Pornography use destroys the body, soul, and spirit!


Pornography use destroys the body, soul, and spirit!

For 26 years, I’ve been counseling people who are addicted to porn. It must be declared the sin that it is – in God’s eyes the use of and the lust it creates is committing adultery.

The devil is delighting in the destruction of people’s lives through this sexual addiction. The majority of men who contact me for porn recovery counseling (I am a Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Facilitator) brought the porn addiction into their marriage.

Using porn when married is defrauding the marriage. It is sinning against God and the wife. The Bible teaches to make no provision for the lust of the flesh.

The use of porn (having sex with self) creates actual physical brain damage. It also leads to ER dysfunction. It is a self-induced chemical addiction. Greater addiction than any drug or alcohol.

Porn use emotionally isolates the heart, soul, and mind of the user. It is a secret sin that creates a lonely soul and destroys a relationship with God.

By not addressing this issue, the ‘church’ is encouraging spiritual hypocrisy. The porn user goes to church and acts ‘Christian’ then goes home and continues his/her sexual sin – ongoing adultery against the marriage.

The current statistic of porn use is 50 – 78% of all men who attend church (young to older including ministry) and 35% of women.

When a porn user becomes deeply convicted by God of his/her sin, recovery is possible by complete submission to God and doing the work of recovery. God’s Word provides the path to victory over sin. There must be accountability (not to the wife). We choose our actions. When temptation comes, God makes choice the way of escape.

When we submit to God, we can resist the devil and he will flee from us. When a person repeatedly returns to porn, he/she is inviting the devil into their heart and mind.

Porn use creates thoughts that all females are sexual objects instead of understanding every human created by God was made for His glory!

God’s Word says to be renewed in the spirit of your mind. We are to choose to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh.

Note to wife: If you were ‘Mrs. America’, you could not cure the porn addiction. Refuse to take any blame your porn addicted husband might try to put on you.

He must be convicted of his sexual sins, confess
and repent before God and man to start the road to recovery.

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