Sexual deviant sins are seeping in the church! Are we teaching God’s truth?

LIFE ENRICHMENT MINISTRIES, INC. (501c3) – Heard the following on AFR today – September 2, 2017

On AFR – 25% of the teens of America are walking around with a sexually transmitted disease. Instead of trying to prevent STD’s, the liberals are saying it’s OK and making teens feel that it is normal!!

The liberals are desiring to break down all sexual boundaries at all levels – to the point – that anyone can have sex with anyone/anything/any age and it being considered normal!!!!!!!!!!

My comments – Carol Clemans:

This thinking is from the pits of hell!!!!!!! The devil is delighting in destroying all humans with sexual deviant behaviors that will take people straight to hell with him!!!!!

These sins are seeping into the church. The church must get educated in how to reach our youth with God’s truth. Low-self worth and peer pressure are at the foundation of this sin.

Our youth need to be taught at home/church their value comes from God alone! God is their creator and has become their Savior. Life is short! How we live now determines our eternity! Jesus could come at any moment! Are we living life from God’s view????????

When our focus is loving God, living for God, allowing His love to penetrate our hearts – it is a life changer for godly behavior!

PARENTS must be a part of this daily sharing God’s truth into the hearts of their children. God does not compare us to others! He wants each individual to be who He designed him/her to be – not based on others’ opinions!!

PEER PRESSURE is even in the church from the platform to the pew. Comparing self with others! This is foolishness in the sight of God.

Invite me to speak at your church – SEXUAL PURITY REVIVAL – FOR ALL AGES!!! We need to be talking about the horrible impact of pornography on the young and older!!

Call me – hear my heartbeat – (636) 448-0121.

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