What is the most important issue of life?

Job 14: 1 Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. This is called life! Life is like a blade of grass, here today and gone tomorrow. It’s appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. We get so busy with life that we forget there was a beginning of life and there will be and end of life. What happens in between predicts our eternity.

            God created Adam and Eve to live on this earth forever. Their joint decision to sin against God brought spiritual death, physical death and every ugly sin in life. God knew their sin decision before He created them. He planned His coming in flesh to be the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (Rev. 13:8 And all the inhabitants of the earth will fall down in adoration and pay him homage, everyone whose name has not been recorded in the Book of Life of the Lamb that was slain [in sacrifice] from the foundation of the world).

The decision of Adam and Eve to sin against the Lord made all of us born as sinners and fallen short of the glory of God. But God planned before the foundation of the world to come in flesh and be the supreme sacrifice to pay the price for our sins. God created us with the choice to love God and follow Him into eternal life or a choice to follow the god of this world – the devil – into eternal damnation.

What is the most important issue of life? It is making a choice to love and serve God while on earth. If you do not know God, read the book of John and then read the book of Acts in the Bible. We may be given 70 years or plus by the mercy of God. I’ve lived 71 years and it seems like a flash as I turn around and look at my 71 years.

God brought my grandparents to this delightful news of the gospel (as on the Day of Pentecost 2000+ years ago) in 1925. It has been 92 years down through to the 5th generation of my family with my grandchildren that I share the same love of God. The most important decision I made in my life was when I chose to love God and obey His command to repent and be baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ for the remission of my sins and His filling me with His Spirit at the young age of nine years old.

In the last 62 years, I continually choose on a daily basis to allow God be the Lord of my life. It is a daily choice and it is the most important issue of my life. The Bible lets us know that Jesus Christ could return in the heavens for His Bride at any moment. This is why we must live in a God-conscious state of mind. We must invite God into an intimate relationship with Him allowing Him to be the center of all the details of our lives.

The most important issue in your life is your decision to follow God! If you are not serving God, you are a servant to the god of this world who is Satan! Nothing is more important than allowing God live in your heart, soul, and mind – ruling your every thought, feeling and action!

Your career, your money, your family, your successes cannot save your soul! No matter how involved you are in life, you must make God the most important issue of life. You can only do this by eating the Word of God where Jesus has a table spread where the saints of God are fed. God’s Word has answers for every issue of life. We are taught how to have faith in God even in the middle of adversity because we know God’s wins at the end!

We must allow God in every situation of life. In Him, we live and move and have our being! Do your children see and hear you seeking God daily for His wisdom, guidance, and provision. Do your children hear, “If the Lord is willing we will do_______?”

Are we teaching our children by example that we will put no evil, wicked or worthless thing before our eyes?

Do your children know God’s salvation plan? Do they know that God came in the flesh as the Lord Jesus Christ to pay the price for our sins? Are you children learning how to be holy as He is holy by watching you and walking in your footsteps? I declare to you, this is the most important issue in life!

This life on earth is short even if we would live to be 100 years young! We brought nothing into this world and we will take nothing out of this world that is tangible to the touch. All we will take out of this world is our soul’s salvation. This is why we must be born again of water and spirit to be able to see and enter into the Kingdom of God (John 3: 3 & 5).

Our intimate relationship with God and our relationship with others who have this wonderful new birth salvation is what we will enjoy in heaven. God is in my thoughts hour by hour. God is in my words and actions. I choose to allow God to control my tongue because I want to speak life into those who hear my words. It is a choice!! God is the most important issue in my life! What about yours?


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