Wounded souls! Healing by God’s Word/Spirit

Wounded souls!

Weekly, people call me nationwide for counseling because they have wounded souls. They are saved but are walking wounded. Is. 61 – Jesus was coming to bring the good news, but he also was to heal the broken in heart and set the captives free – free of their distorted toxic thinking from the emotional wounds of life!

People who have come from a life of abuse, abandonment, broken homes, etc., can experience salvation. Salvation removes our sins, but it does not remove life’s experiences or our emotions! What happens in our young life definitely impacts our adult life.

A wounded soul/heart/mind struggles with being able to fully accept God’s love. They feel unworthy, unlovable, hopeless and helpless. Their painful past is defining who they are now. They have a distorted Father-God concept because their earthly father was their abuser, etc. Beyond the good news is healing and hope for the hurting heart!

Our worth and value come from God as our Creator and our Savior! Our worth is not based on our performance or pedigree. God fully loves you! God fully forgives you! God fully accepts you! God does not judge anyone by a painful past. He was there grieving when you were abused and mistreated. He knew His truth would bring healing to your hurting heart – ‘be transformed by renewing your mind” – Rom. 12: 1 & 2.

We choose to think and live in the toxic dead zone of life or we choose to think and live in God’s life zone dwelling in His truth. Forgiving the pain of the past is a gift you give to self. You must decide you do not want to dwell in the painful experiences of the past. God is your avenger. The perpetrators of your pain will stand before Him and receive the consequences of their sins. Your past did happen, but you must make a decision to not live in the past.

If a person refuses to allow God’s truth to transform their thinking, they will transfer their inner pain onto others in their life. We all must recognize that God’s Word/Spirit has the power to transform our hurting hearts, if we choose to allow the healing. Death and or life are in the power of our thoughts – our thoughts create our feelings – we act out our feelings: we must ask God to cleanse our thoughts to cleanse our feelings so that our words/action are God-pleasing!

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Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor (27 years), Bible conference speaker, Christian Life Coach and author. She provides counseling nationwide by phone/web cam. The mission for Carol’s teaching, counseling and writing is to help others grow and heal spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

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